Could Your Daily Schedule Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer's is a disease that we are learning more about each and every year. Fortunately, we are always learning how to prevent the disease. Did you know that many of these preventative measures are actually things you are doing each day already? Adding some of these steps to your daily schedule may prevent Alzheimer's from affecting your life.

Drink a cup of coffee in the morning.

Coffee may reduce your risk of Alzheimer's specifically if you drink it during the early hours of the day so that it does not influence your ability to sleep at night. A chemical found in coffee may help to reduce your chances of Alzheimer's, as shown in how it affected rates during research. Additionally, caffeine may offer benefits associated with learning and memory.

Play with your pet.

Did you know that socializing with an animal can make you feel less lonely? It may even offer the benefit of staving off Alzheimer's. If you can train your pet to do fun tricks, this is a stimulating activity that benefits both of you as well as your relationship.

Eat colorful fruits and veggies.

You might never have suspected that the fruits and vegetables you eat today could have an effect on your health years from now, but it's true. More antioxidants are found in bright, colorful fruits and veggies. Next time you shop, look for bright red, orange, and yellow items.

Exercise in short bursts each day.

Exercising in short bursts several times a day could prevent Alzheimer's better than exercising in one long dose. Performing little bursts of exercise before meals could do a lot more than help you stay or get fit, too. Walking uphill and aerobics are great choices. Work in an office? Try standing up to work every once in a while for some extra stimulation.

Learn a new craft

It's always beneficial to learn something new, but a craft is a great way to learn something that can be fun and productive too. You might consider crafts like knitting, painting, woodworking, or embroidery. This helps you build new connections in the brain.


Connecting with the world around you in the form of meditation can also have the benefit of preventing Alzheimer's disease, especially if you are using techniques like visualization. This stimulates the flow of blood to the brain.

You can implement these components into your daily routine in an effort to reduce the potential of Alzheimer's disease, especially if this is a condition that runs in your family.

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