Preparing Your Child For A Trip To Urgent Care

When midnight fevers strike, or when your child's pediatrician's office is closed for a holiday, you may consider taking him or her to an urgent care facility like Alaska Urgent Care LLC. There are a few things you'll want to do to make sure your child gets the best care possible and remains comfortable during the appointment.

Keep Track Of Medications

If you've given your child fever reducers or pain medications, be sure to write down the time and dosage of each medication given. You'll also want to have a list of any current medications your child is taking, as the urgent care facility may not have access to his or her medical records. It's helpful to write all of this information down in case you forget anything when you arrive. Be sure to list any medication allergies your child has as well.

Choose Comfortable Clothing

Depending on the reason for your visit, the doctor or nurse may ask that your child undress and put on an examination gown. Choose comfortable clothing that can be easily removed, and consider pants with elastic waistbands and zip-up shirts to make this process easier. Sweatpants and hoodies can help to keep your child warm if he or she is feeling cold, and they can also provide added comfort as you wait to be seen.

Wait To Serve A Meal

If your child is nauseated, you'll probably want to avoid food to prevent him or her from vomiting at the urgent care facility. However, it's sometimes a good idea to avoid serving a meal beforehand for other reasons as well. For example, if you suspect your child has an illness or injury that might require a medical procedure or surgery, the doctors may want to wait until your child's stomach is empty. Take note of the last time your child ate so the doctors can make the appropriate decisions regarding treatment and care.

Bring A Toy Or Stuffed Animal

Visiting the urgent care center can sometimes make your child uneasy, and he or she may already be scared due to the illness or injury. Bringing a favorite toy or stuffed animal can provide comfort while you wait to be seen. You may also want to bring a book or a portable handheld game to keep your child's mind off of being at a doctor's office.

Be sure to call ahead to determine how long the wait time will be, as this can help you to further prepare for your visit. With a bit of planning before you leave the house, you can help to make a trip to the urgent care facility go as smoothly as possible.

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