Reasons To Seek Physical Therapy When You're Pregnant

When you're expecting a baby, your top priority will often be to do all that you can to care for the child. However, as much as it's important to think about the baby's health, you should also be thinking about your own health. There are several medical professionals and health practitioners you should see when you're pregnant, including a physical therapist. This practitioner can be a valuable ally in your effort to stay as comfortable as possible when you're carrying your child. Here are some reasons to seek physical therapy when you're pregnant.

Relief From Your Pain

Although some women breeze through pregnancy with little in the way of discomfort, others suffer for the majority of the nine months. Physical pain is commonplace when you're pregnant, especially when it comes to back pain. The growth of your baby pushes considerably on your back, causing it to change shape and often cause you pain. Given that pain medication is often out of the question when you're pregnant, care from a physical therapist becomes vital. This health practitioner can use multiple hands-on techniques to gently manipulate your body to relieve your pain. Many physical therapists have additional training in caring for women who are pregnant, too.

Strengthening Your Body

You might not think much about the importance of strengthening your body when you're pregnant, but doing so is critical. Weaknesses in your muscles can cause areas such as your back to move farther out of alignment, resulting in more pain. When you visit a physical therapist while pregnant, he or she will help you to strengthen your body. One method is through exercises, which you can do during your appointments and even when you're at home. The physical therapist will teach you specific exercises that will target weak muscles to make your pregnancy easier.

Help With Sleeping

The physical discomfort that is common for many women while pregnant can make it difficult to sleep. You may find that, in addition to the other challenges of pregnancy, a shortage of nightly sleep can make this series of months extremely challenging. In addition to helping relieve your pain so that you can sleep more soundly, your physical therapist will also talk to you about your sleeping posture and make several suggestions that you can use to help prop up your body in bed so that it's comfortable enough that you can fall asleep and, ideally, sleep through the night.

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