5 Signs You Need To See Your Doctor During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is exciting, but it can also be scary. It's not always obvious when a symptom is normal, and when you need to call the doctor. To help keep you and your baby safe, take a look at the following five signs that you need to see your doctor promptly during a pregnancy.

1. Excessive bleeding

A little spotting is completely normal during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. However, if you notice anything more than a couple of spots of blood, you need to see your doctor. Many women fear that blood indicates a miscarriage. This is true some of the time, but there are also times when catching the problem early, such as when the bleeding it first begins, allows your doctor to prevent a miscarriage.

2. Fainting or dizziness

If you feel dizzy or that you are going to pass out, this may indicate that you have high blood pressure. Sustained high blood pressure during pregnancy can have lasting consequences on your own house and the health of your fetus. Dizziness may also indicate an infection, which your doctor may need to treat with antibiotics. There are times when dizziness is just due to dehydration, but you are better off being checked out by your doctor to make sure.

3. A fever over 100 degrees

Even a minor fever can cause serious health consequences for your baby. A fever may indicate a serious infection, or it may just indicate that you have the flu or another viral illness going around. Your doctor may give you a medication to lower your fever. Do not take any fever fighting medications without your doctor's approval, as they are not all safe for pregnant women.

4. Blurry vision

Somewhat women that become diabetic during pregnancy. In other words, their bodies stop processing sugar properly. This can be very dangerous, leading it to an excessively large baby and potentially being fatal to the mother. One of the most common signs of gestational diabetes is blurry vision. You may just have a migraine or sinus infection causing the blurriness, but since diabetes is so serious, you are better off being safe than sorry.

5. Lack of fetal movement

Once your baby starts moving after about 28 weeks of pregnancy, you should feel the baby move multiple times per day. If your baby is suddenly still for more than a couple of hours, you should see your doctor. There are times when a lack of fetal movement does not mean anything at all, so do not panic until you are able to see your obgyn services.

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