How To Protect Your Elderly Parents From Dehydration This Summer

Summer is here, which means there's an increased risk of dehydration. If you provide care for your elderly parents, you need to take this increased risk seriously. You may not realize this, but the elderly are particularly susceptible to dehydration, especially if they're not being monitored. Here are three steps you can take to ensure that your elderly parents are staying properly hydrated this summer.

Measure the Water Intake

When it comes to keeping your elderly parents properly hydrated this summer, the most important thing you can do is measure their water intake. This will allow you to ensure that they're drinking plenty of water each day. One way to do that is to place water bottles in the refrigerator that they need to drink throughout the day. Whether you're giving the bottles to them, or they're able to get their own, once the bottles are gone, you'll know that they've received the right amount of water.

Make Water Easily Available

If your parents have a difficult time with cups, either seeing them or holding them, there are steps you can take to make water more easily available. Here are a couple of ideas for you to try.

Choose the Right Cups

If your parents are having trouble with their vision, try leaving brightly colored cups out on the kitchen counter. Light, pastel colors or clear cups can be difficult to see. However, providing brightly colored cups may make it easier for your parents to get their own water. If your parents have a hard time grasping smaller cups, be sure to provide them with larger cups that are easier for them to grip.

Go with a Camel Pack

If one or both of your parents are confined to wheelchairs, mobility problems can make it difficult for them to get to the sink. One way to fix that is to attach a camel pack to the back of their chair. The camel pack can be filled with water in the morning and will stay cool all day. Your parents can drink get drinks using the attached straw.

Ensure In-Home Health Care Assistance

If your parents don't live with you, and you're concerned that they're not staying hydrated during the day, it's time to arrange for in-home health care assistance for them. Their in-home health care services will monitor their fluid intake and ensure that their other needs are taken care of, as well.

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