Stem Cell Treatment And Knee Pain

Stem cell research is not a new phenomenon. However, applying the information discovered through this research for medical treatment is a relatively new mission. For people who suffer from life-altering knee pain, stem cell treatment may offer an avenue of hope. If knee pain is impacting your life, learn what stem cell treatment is and how it might help you find some relief.

Stem Cell Treatment

Before you can understand what stem cell treatment involves, you first need to understand what stem cells are. Stem cells could easily be referred to as root cells, in that they are the cell form from which all functional cells in the body are created. 

In the event of cellular damage, stem cells can be extracted from the body and managed in a laboratory where a duplication process occurs. Stem cell treatment involves a transplantation process in which the healthy duplicated cells are implanted within the body to improve function. 

Ideal Scenarios

There is no cure-all when it comes to medical treatments, so you should not approach stem cell treatment for knee pain from this angle. Remember that there are limitations. In particular with knee pain, the source of the pain is a leading factor, as some medical conditions present an ideal scenario for treatment. 

For example, an individual with osteoarthritis may be a candidate for the treatment given the degenerative effects of the condition, since duplicated cells may be able to replace those damaged by the osteoarthritis. On the other hand, someone who falls down the stairs and hits their knee might not fit the scenario. 


The stem cell transplantation process occurs by way of injection. While the injection process is noninvasive and safe, it would be unfair to assume that there might not be some mild discomfort. However, the pain should be mild; you should not be in excruciating pain. If you are in incredible pain, you need to contact a medical professional. 

It's also common to experience mild stiffness around the site of the injection. So, you may feel some resistance when you try to move your knee. Over time, the stiffness should subside, and you should see improvement in both the level of pain and movement you have around your knee. 

Every condition affects every person differently. In the same vein, how well stem cell treatment works varies greatly from individual to individual. Rather than fall prey to false or inaccurate information, speak with a medical provider who can assess your knee condition and help you determine if knee pain stem cell treatment is appropriate. 

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