4 Tips That Can Keep Yourself Healthy and Safe From Illness

The key to preventing illness is staying healthy. There are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself healthy and safe from illness. Staying healthy is going to help prevent you from missing work, keep you from spending on physician visits, tests, possible hospital stays, and will save you money on medication. Read on for a few things you can do that can keep you healthy.

Eat a Proper Diet

Eat a diet that includes a lot of vitamins and minerals, which you can find in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and fish. Eating less processed foods and more fresh foods is important in eating a proper diet. Be sure your diet also includes plenty of leafy green vegetables, which contains a lot of vitamins. Including healthy fats are also good for you as well, such as virgin olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water each day. Drinking water can remove toxins from the body and flush them directly out of your system. It can help remove infections from the body and even help clear out viruses. Water can also help to thin out mucus if you are beginning to not feel well. Drink water each and every day and add flavoring to your water if you aren't someone that likes the taste of water. You can also add fresh fruit in your water to give it some natural flavor.

Exercise Daily

Exercise each and every day, or at least do something where you are somewhat active. Sitting on the couch each day isn't going to keep you healthy. Inactivity can cause a lot of health issues for you. Be sure you are doing some sort of physical activity each day that causes your heart rate to elevate. Go for a walk, a jog, do yoga, play a sport, or do a low-impact workout with weights. 

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands can help keep you healthy and safe from viruses and bacteria. You can get all types of bacteria on your hands from touching things while out in public places. It's always best to wash your hands when you arrive back home and keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer for those times when you have to touch the gas pump handle. Always wash your hands when you arrive home after being out anywhere in public.

These are just a few of the things you and your family can do to keep yourselves safe from illness and healthy. Talk to your family doctor about other tips to stay healthy and how to prevent illness. Be sure to go to your physician if you are not feeling well and need medical treatment.

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