Answering Common DOT Physical Myths

Commercial drivers are essential professionals for allowing the modern economy to function. Unfortunately, it is a reality that individuals can often underestimate the important regulations that will govern the work of these professionals.

Myth: Commercial Driver's Physical Health Is Not Important For Their Jobs

Individuals may assume that a commercial driver's health is not particularly important due to the fact that they have a sedentary job. However, this is not the case, and there are minimum health requirements that drivers will have to meet. This is due to the fact that they will potentially put others at risk while they are driving, and these health requirements are to ensure that they will be able to safely perform these duties. As a result of this, commercial drivers are required to undergo and pass a DOT physical exam that will clear them of significant medical issues that could impair their ability to drive long distances.

Myth: A DOT Physical Exam Is Little More Than A Basic Eye Exam

Another common assumption about undergoing a DOT physical exam is the belief that this is only concerned with the ability of the driver to see the road. In reality, there are a number of health conditions and problems that will need to be assessed during this examination. For example, a person with uncontrolled diabetes could be at risk of blacking out while they are driving, which could lead to losing control of the vehicle. For this reason, these examinations will be extremely thorough so that the driver can have their entire health assessed.

Myth: A Driver Only Needs To Undergo A DOT Physical Exam Once

As part of the process of obtaining your commercial driving license, you will need to undergo one of these examinations. Unfortunately, some individuals may assume that they will only need to undergo this examination once. In reality, a person's health conditions could change over time, and this could lead to this initial physical no longer being reflective of the driver's overall health. As a result of this, you will need to undergo these examinations on a periodic basis. For most commercial drivers, this will be every couple of years in order to maintain their license. However, some employers will require drivers to undergo a DOT physical on a yearly basis. Fortunately, one of these physicals will not take very long to do, which can make it easier for drivers to stay up to date on this essential requirement.

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Commercial drivers are essential professionals for allowing the modern economy to function. Unfortunately, it is a reality that individuals can often