Ways To Avoid Worsening Your Joint Discomfort

Joint inflammation is a painful condition that can affect your quality of life. If you've recently begun to suffer from this type of pain, it's important to visit a local clinic that specializes in joint issues. There are all sorts of potential treatment options that you can pursue so that you're not dealing with as much daily pain. Beyond treatment, it's ideal if you take a proactive approach to manage your pain. One way to achieve this goal is to avoid things that can worsen joint discomfort. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Cold Weather

People who suffer from sore joints often find that their discomfort increases when they get cold. Depending on where you live, cold weather may be a constant threat for much of the year. While it's impractical to try to stay indoors all winter, you should try to limit your exposure to cold weather. When you have to be outdoors in the cold, dress warmly to keep your body feeling toasty. When possible, limit the amount of time you spend in cold environments. For example, if you want to watch your grandchildren go tobogganing at a local park on a cold day, visit them for just a short time, rather than for the entire time that they're at the park.


Too much pressure on your inflamed joints can also increase your discomfort. Depending on which joints are giving you trouble, there are different approaches that you can take. For example, if your knees are sore, try to avoid kneeling because your knees will have to take the pressure of your entire body weight. If your hands are sore, try not to carry things that are too heavy. For example, instead of carrying multiple bags of groceries at one time as you unload your car, consider taking more trips so that each load will be lighter and put less pressure on your hands.


Repetitive motions can often worsen the pain from your inflamed joints. Try to be cognizant of when you're doing something repetitively, and then seek to change this behavior. For example, if you're cutting your grass but have sore knees, you won't want to spend multiple hours performing this task. It's better to break it up into smaller periods of work with breaks in between. If you find that your job has some repetitive elements that are worsening your pain, consider speaking to your manager and seeing if you can change your daily duties to some degree.

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