How Patients Benefit From Physicians Offering Concierge Medicine

If you're looking to take control over your health, you have a lot of paths to go down. One you might consider in particular is concierge medicine, which comes with a couple of key benefits for patients.

More Readily Available

When you see any physician, you don't want to have to wait weeks or months to book an appointment with them. This is particularly true if you have a medical emergency that you need help figuring out. Well, concierge medicine is great because it makes your primary care physician more readily available.

They will see fewer patients than a standard physician and thus have more availability in their schedule. So even if you need to book an appointment and be seen in a day or two, these openings might be available because the physician has a reduced practice size.

Develop a Deeper Relationship with the Physician

Concierge medicine is also advantageous because it strives to better the relationship between patients and physicians. Since your physician will see fewer patients throughout the year, they'll have an easier time remembering who you are and this is key in building a rapport with them.

You'll feel comfortable because they know your medical history inside and out without necessarily having to look back through your charts. You can continue to grow this relationship over the years thanks to concierge medicine, which makes it a lot easier to see the doctor every couple of months or longer.

Access to Comprehensive Medical Services

When you go to see a physician, you probably want to have everything taken care of at their practice. These services might include bloodwork, x-rays, and organ monitoring. If you take advantage of concierge medicine, you'll fortunately have access to comprehensive medical services.

You can do everything at the physician's practice, saving you long drives and wasting time at other facilities. This is going to make seeing the same physician over the years a much more convenient experience because the practice is pretty much a one-stop shop for important medical services. You just need to let your physician tell you which services are warranted each time you come in. 

If you're currently looking to work with a new physician, you might want to focus on one with a concierge type of practice. It gives you access to more things compared to standard medicine, such as better doctor availability and a deeper relationship with them. These things can ease your apprehension about seeing the doctor. 

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